The Vision

worship1For all who are a part of the worship team, this is our service to our brothers and sisters in Jesus.  Sure, we love music and love to participate in singing and playing instruments, but this is far more than that.

We are hear to lead others into a place that is meaningful and often times life-changing.

Music somehow speaks to us in places we can’t even understand.  We see it throughout scripture.  We feel it deep in our bones.  We know it in the recesses of our hearts.  God uses music to move us.

As awesome as it is to be a part of that, as musicians, it’s a good idea not to let this be your only outlet for performance.  We are not a team focused on personal artistic fulfillment.  Instead, I’d encourage us all to be involved in community events as well. This puts us in a missional place as individuals and keeps the focus off of us and on Jesus.

What this translates into, when followed, is a drama free atmosphere for everyone involved.  When the focus is Jesus and leading His people into a worship that exalts Him alone, the problems of performers and artist just fade away.  How often you sing, play or lead becomes a non-issue.  Who you are on a team with really begins to be only a side note.  We can focus on Jesus with clear motives and focused intentions.

What we are a part of is special, and we are blessed to get to participate.  May we retain this perspective as we grow in our knowledge of the living Jesus.

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