Starting on the Right Foot

transition_logo_250Transitions. Even under the best circumstances, transitions are tough.

They are tough because they lead to eventual change. Change, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. It can actually be an overwhelmingly positive thing.

But it is still change and we are still human and we still resist it.

Change is what is happening right now with our team. As Matt steps out and I step in, there are a few factors built right into the mix.


New systems.

Different rehearsal styles.

New keys for songs.

New song selections.

The list goes on and on if we really want to break it down. What I’d rather focus on is what does not change. What lasts and what endures. And that, my friends, is Jesus.

You see, in the face of so much change and so much shifting, it is natural for us to fixate on what isn’t the way it once was. Instead, I suggest we begin our journey together by focusing on the only person that is worth focusing on. And we all know that person is Jesus.

He is the reason we gather. He is the reason we sing. He is the reason we love and know love. He is the reason we lead. He is the reason we do any of this at all. And He hasn’t changed one bit.

His glory hasn’t changed. His wonder hasn’t changed. His salvation has not changed. And the beauty in worshiping Him has not changed.

The truth is, we are blessed to be able to sing His praises and lift our voices to worship Him. We are blessed to be able to assist this body in worship. We are servants in this way and I am so grateful for such a wonderful team that enjoys using their gifts to help others worship the risen Jesus.

So as we begin all this new, may we reflect on the ancient, everlasting, beginning of time love that is wrapped up in Jesus. May we find ourselves overjoyed with Him and unable to contain our worship. May we find ourselves ready to serve our brothers and sisters.

I’m looking forward to it all…

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