About That Pain Thing

Low-back-pain_2011All of you know and love Joanna Black, right?  Who doesn’t?

A couple of weeks ago, she was hit with some pretty sever pain in her upper back and neck, basically rendering her unable to do much.  It was actually grueling enough that she was forced to miss her and Matt’s last Sunday leading worship and the subsequent Family Meeting afterwards.

I know her well enough to know this must have been severe.

A day after that Sunday, I saw a post on Facebook by her that really caused me to think.  It said:

There’s something about a pinched nerve in your back to make you thankful when you don’t have a pinched nerve in your back.  Looking forward to being that kind of thankful…

You see, I have suffered from sever back issues for about a decade.  There have been times in my life that, as an adult, I’ve needed help just to use the restroom.  There is something profoundly humbling about your father holding you up while you use the toilet when you are 28 years old. [Read more…]

Starting on the Right Foot

transition_logo_250Transitions. Even under the best circumstances, transitions are tough.

They are tough because they lead to eventual change. Change, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. It can actually be an overwhelmingly positive thing.

But it is still change and we are still human and we still resist it.

Change is what is happening right now with our team. As Matt steps out and I step in, there are a few factors built right into the mix.


New systems.

Different rehearsal styles.

New keys for songs.

New song selections.

The list goes on and on if we really want to break it down. What I’d rather focus on is what does not change. What lasts and what endures. And that, my friends, is Jesus.

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